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    Comment Fragment: Tiny Module for SEO and Performance - Danetsoft

    Comment Fragment: Tiny Module for SEO and Performance The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has the following format, /comment/[comment-id]#[comment-id], if a node has 10 comments, each page with the URL /comment/[comment-id] loads identical conte...

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    Danetsoft - The Web Agency

    Danetsoft is a global web agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in site development, theme development, design, SEO, and consulting service. Our clients are spread from Asia to USA, and Europe to Canada, such as System & Method,...

    Blog - Danetsoft

    Blog 05 August 2015 04 August 2015 Elsewhere Featured at: For other solutions visit XPSDev and SEOzoic.

    Drupal - Danetsoft

    For other solutions visit XPSDev and SEOzoic.

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    Drupal Tiny-IDS - Drupal Module Reviews and Ratings

    Minimalist, but performant intrusion detection system that monitors Drupal for malicious activities and targets to be simple to understand and easy to use. Note This will only monitor your Drupal site and not all the other possible attack vectors tar...

    block.install | Drupal 6.x | Drupal API

    'size' => 'tiny', 'description' => 'Binary flag to indicate block cache mode. (-1: Do not cache, 1: Cache per role, 2: Cache per user, 4: Cache per page, 8: Block cache global) See BLOCK_CACHE_* constants in block.module for more det...

    Drupal 7 WYSIWYG Text Editor TinyMCE and IMCE image/file uploader and browser - YouTube

    This video shows the installation and configuration of WYSIWYG Editor TinyMCE and IMCE is an image/file uploader and browser that supports personal directories and quota on Drupal 7. See also my website: