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    Danetsoft - The Web Agency

    Danetsoft is a global web agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in site development, theme development, design, SEO, and consulting service. Our clients are spread from Asia to USA, and Europe to Canada, such as System & Method,...

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    Portfolio - Danetsoft

    Portfolio HTMLy Databaseless Web Publishing Platform HTMLy is an open source databaseless web publishing platform that prioritizes simplicity and speed. HTMLy can be referred to as a Flat-File Blog or Flat-File CMS, since it will also manage your con...

    About - Danetsoft

    About Danetsoft is a global Drupal agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in site development, theme development, design and consulting service. On the web development services we provide, we incorporate elements of humanity in ev...

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    Drupal Theme Developers | Drupal Theme Development Services

    We've been delivering Drupal based solutions since our founding in 2007, and our expert Drupal themers are known for building industry specific, vertically focused Drupal-based web assets and for creating fully responsive custom Drupal themes specifi...

    Drupal 8 Theme Generation and Development Intro Using the Drupal Console | DPE

    Here is a screen cast of how to get started with Drupal 8 theme development. In the video I cover: using the drupal console to generate a theme from a base theme creating a libraries yml file adding global css to your theme Using Kint with the...

    Drupal Web Development Company, Custom Drupal Module Developer | Biztech

    Want to propagate your brand message loud and clear. Drupal is idea! Drupal built-in tools for automating SEO for voluptuous amount of content and granular control give complete power to you. Scalable, flexible, easily configurable! Just offer stunn...