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    Comment Fragment: Tiny Module for SEO and Performance - Danetsoft

    Comment Fragment: Tiny Module for SEO and Performance The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has the following format, /comment/[comment-id]#[comment-id], if a node has 10 comments, each page with the URL /comment/[comment-id] loads identical conte...

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    Video Platform: Enterprise Content Management Plugins | Kaltura

    With all video united in a centralized repository, employees can easily find the videos they need. Video stops being siloed and starts being shared, reducing duplication efforts and making every video more powerful. At the same time, permission sets ...

    Drupal 7 Speedboxes module | Code Karate

    Share with Others The Drupal 7 Speedboxes module makes the checking and unchecking of checkboxes on your Drupal 7 site simple. The module is pretty easy to get installed and provides a draggable interface for multiple checkbox selection/deselection. ...

    Drupal 7 Honeypot Module | Code Karate

    Hello everybody and welcome to Episode 169 of the Daily Dose of Drupal. Today we are looking at Spam prevention, it’s specifically the Honey Pot Module. As your site grows and you become more famous and get more visitors you inevitably are going to b...